Sean S (Owner and Operator)

At AutoJet Locksmith of Olympia, we are dedicated to providing professional and reliable keys and locksmith services to our valued customers in Olympia and the surrounding areas. With our years of experience and expertise, we strive to deliver top-notch solutions for all your locksmith needs. Every job is our most important job, and your business truly matters to us. And by us, I mean Sean!

Sean is an auto enthusiast of almost 20 years, having done his first build back in 2005. He has recovered countless project cars from old Chevelles to 3000GT’s. He is a die-hard Mopar fan. He found his passion for both automotive locksmithing & detailing by accident (or maybe it found him) and has aggressively pursued the disciplines. After establishing the detailing business he had sought after automotive electrical diagnosis, module programming, lock repair and key originating when all keys are lost. AutoJet opened in early 2022, but many years of experience precede him and culminated in the form of starting the business. Sean is originally from the Renton, WA area and moved to Olympia with his wife in early 2022. Life has never been the same (In a most excellent way). When Sean isn’t working on a customer’s vehicle, he is most likely working on one of this own – improving his shop – ordering key inventory – scouting to bring his cats in before dark – or boring his wife to death by watching car shows and documentaries. I appreciate you all. -Sean